Being aligned with our vision, we have planned to provide our services to a large customer base through our franchise programs. Leveraging on the need for beauty salons, we seek partners who are willing to share our vision.

Orane Franchise Program is unique as it goes beyond the prevalent notions of franchising. What we are looking for is not a franchisee but a partner. And our relationship with our partner would be that of equals. We realize that in the growth of the partner lies our growth. With this in mind, we would endeavor to provide as much assistance as possible to our partner in establishing, running and enhancing his/her business. In short, we intend to enter into a symbolic relationship with the individuals who can adopt our philosophy and replicate our business.

Orane franchise offers you the opportunity to own a successful franchise with a lifestyle that others envy. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded by using our proven formula for the establishment and day-to-day operation of your Center, and participating in our proven marketing programs. Orane offers you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Our role is to train you, show you how to do it and then provide ongoing support to ensure that the business works efficiently.

The establishment of your institute begins with the selection of premises.

  • We help you find the right location at the lowest possible rental.
  • Every item is carefully selected to minimize set-up costs yet offer clients the highest standard of presentation.

Orane is organized and managed in a creative and innovative fashion to generate very high levels of customer satisfaction, and to create a working climate conducive to a high degree of personal development and economic satisfaction for employees at each institute.

I am fully contended in running the franchise of Orane in my city. The fact that Orane is the leading chain of beauty institutes and wellness centres is in itself a very big attraction for students. After taking the franchise of Orane my lifestyle has escalated to a new level. Besides giving good return, Orane makes sure that it benefits us by unending company support and integral resources. The regional team of Orane is very hands-on. Whenever the need be, they are just a call away. All in all, Orane is instrumental in giving a bright future to us as well as to students.
Mr. Vishal Bhutani
Ever since I have taken the franchise of Orane my life has shifted gears. I believe nothing can be more satisfying than the fact that you are imparting professional education to desirous students. Orane is overly committed to its franchises. People at Orane are extremely enthusiastic in updating us with latest information and working tirelessly for our advancement. Orane is the second leading chain of beauty institutes in the country so today if we match up to their international standards we owe it to the advisory and regional team of Orane.
Mr. Rajesh Sood
To say Orane is fanatical about its franchises wouldn’t be wrong at all. This statement is as truer as the success of Orane. The well-knitted, well-unified, synthesized and meticulous franchise system of Orane is beyond comparison. Orane is a harbinger of good fortune and fame. The rate of student enrollment at Orane is rising as high as its standards. As more and more graduated students of Orane are getting good jobs or running their businesses, the brand stability of Orane is also going through face-lift. If I consider the financial gains, I am sure no other business would have managed to give me as much results as Orane. Of course, the cherry on the cake is the feeling that I am involved in a noble job of providing education to the most deserving people-the youth.
Mr. Yogesh Sood
Franchises are source of pride for Orane . I feel fortunate to hold the franchise of Orane. Every year Orane keeps a financial target for the franchises to accomplish and somehow we always try to achieve it. As the network of Orane is expanding to almost 35 major cities of India, more and more students bank upon Orane for their professional careers. All this and more gives an economic boost to my business and increases Orane’s brand credibility in our city. Because Orane believes in providing the most versatile and sought after education, the patrons of Orane are increasing every month. With an undeniable capacity of qualitative training it is confirmed that Orane would continue to be the leading chain of beauty institutes and wellness centers in years to come. I would certainly like to add that the future of beauty industry belongs to Orane and as a franchise holder I am all geared up to take the absolute leverage of this benefit.
Mr. Palpabla
I mulled over a lot of opportunities before finalizing Orane. But, today if I have finalized Orane it is because of the flawless and phenomenal working ethos. Not only am I convinced by the excellent working culture at Orane but also I give full votes to the people working for Orane. Within months I had a flourishing business and also Orane allied with us for anything and everything. Everything at Orane outpaced our expectation so I have no hesitancy in advocating Orane to interested people. Once you join hands with Orane you would see your professional career jumping to new heights.
Mr. Raj
Contact No for Franchisee Enquiry: +91 8437883111